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Commercial Services & Products

Carter's Compost offers a commercial pickup service for Traverse City and the surrounding area. Collection services are ideal for caterers, restaurants, coffee shops, florists, grocery stores, housing complexes and businesses offering employee benefits. 


Carter's is grounded in its ultimate mission to capture as much food waste as possible, and turn it into nutritious compost for our region's soils.

Be a Carter's Compost Champion and sign up for our pickup service to achieve your business' sustainability goals, as well as help to keep our area green and thriving for years to come.

Why Compost?

How it Works

Pricing & Resources

How it Works

Weekly Pickup Service

Once a week, you will leave your cart out for a Carter's Crewmember to collect the scraps and take it to one of our composting sites.


Employee Education

We do the training to start and X times per year

Cart(s) Provided

Receive your own 32-gallon cart. Discounts available for establishments requiring multiple carts. Your cart is swapped out with a clean cart every...

Materials Provided

Bags, signs, training docs?


Service Request Questionnaire

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Why Compost?

Stats about why

5-gallon buckets of finished compost - your soil and plants will thrive when you add this amendment to your planting spaces.

Local goals

Planning an event with compostable materials? Ask us about special-event pickups and the materials Carter's Compost can accept.

The bigger picture

A 5-gallon Carter's "starter" bucket is like a sourdough starter! It is full of mostly broken down materials as well as all of the worms and microbiomes to add to your home composting system.

Pricing & Resources


$15 per cart per pickup

Multi-cart discounts available

Commercial Service Overview

PDF Download

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